Our team of highly qualified professionals
headed by an experiencedManagement
is there to serve your needs to keep
you happy.
You are spoilt for choice at Phumuza
Maphiko Pub & Grill, with an offering
of a full bar service, a spacious dance
floor, vintage design VIP lounge and
an outdoor Shisa Nyama area.
We never seize to strive for high
standards, with an ambience that
enables one to create lasting fun


By combining the service and product attributes of a cocktail bar, shisa nyama
,restaurant and entertainment venue, Phumuza Maphiko Pub & Grill is a trendsetting
and benchmarking brand within the heart of Katlehong township. The brand has
become synonymous with innovative thinking and application within the food, beverage
and social market place.
From our store design and decor to our staff and management attitudes, we represent
a culture of pioneering and progressive creativity in all we say and do. Our music is
vibey, our cocktails are prepared with flair and vibrancy, our waitrons are vibrant and
our food serves the cultural, “Kasi” and sophisticated characteristics of our customers.


Is to deliver at all times and under any circumstances, the greatest of services, with
the best suited people and most efficient operations.


It is not by chances that Phumuza Maphiko Pub & Grill continues to grow from
strength to strength and has a phenomenally loyal customer base. The real secret to success is the ability to deliver an energy and vibe that keeps our customers coming back for more. We believe that by unleashing people and their passion in our brand, in an inspiring way, while staying focused on what we promise, this will make us an unstoppable force in the market place. To expand to any province in South Africa and later the rest of Africa.

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